Why use Hardwood Decking?

Hardwood decking is an excellent way to create great looking and useable outdoor space. If you are looking for a high quality, durable deck with a natural finish then hardwood decking is the solution for your project. It creates all the warmth and texture of an indoor space, outdoors! One Surface Installations are one of the leading hardwood decking installers in Newcastle with over 30 year’s experience in planning, designing and building outdoor spaces for both commercial and domestic clients. Get in touch if you would like to arrange a free, no obligation quote for your project.

Low Maintenance

All decking materials require some maintenance. As a bare minimum all decking materials should be thoroughly but gently cleaned at least once every year, or more often if required. Some decking materials are lower maintenance than others, particularly high density hardwoods such as Ipe decking. If you prefer the sliver-grey patina of a naturally weathered hardwood there is very little to do after installation. Once a light coating of a UV inhibiting finish is applied, allow your deck to acclimatise and leave to naturally season.


Hardwood decking is a great choice for those looking for a long-term structure that won’t begin to show signs of decay after just a few years. They are very resistant to the elements, incredibly resistant to fungus and insect attacks and they rot much more slowly than softwoods.

Long Term Solution

Hardwoods are more expensive than softwoods but offer plenty of durability and stability, essential qualities for timber to remain looking good long term.


Wood is a renewable product and provides you with a deck which is natural and beautiful. We want to help you create your deck with minimal impact on the natural environment. Therefore, we only use FSC® Certified, ethically sourced hardwood from responsible purchasers.

Hardwood Decking Range

Here is a list of hardwoods we can supply for your decking;


Ipe Hardwood: the Rolls Royce of hardwood decking, extremely durable and hardwearing with a flawless appearance. Appealing due to its interesting olive colouration. Exceptionally resistant to insect infestation and fungi, it’s recognised as a really tough option. A hardwood that darkens as it matures, it’s particularly suited to sunny exposure.


Yellow Balau Hardwood: a hard, heavy and strong timber well suited to deck construction. It has an interlocking grain and a fine and even texture. If left untreated it is naturally resistant to weathering and decay. The colour of the timber is golden brown which when exposed to the elements will fade to a silvery grey colour. In order to maintain the initial colour Balau can be treated with a deck oil which will keep the timber supple and enhance the natural beauty of the grain.


Iroko Hardwood: very durable and affordable. Looking very much like teak, Iroko boasts an irregular grain with an oily feel and a course texture which mellows with age. It’s particularly suited to anyone who likes the idea of a deck that changes colour over time.



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